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Sunflower Lanyards and Supermarkets

The Hidden Disabilities sunflower lanyard scheme was launched in 2016 to indicate a wearer may need additional support when out and about. It has been a lifeline for thousands of people across the U.K. with varying needs. I seldom wear mine, as I do not always need support. Trips to the supermarket alone, going to…

Things not to say to someone with autism

I want to preface this with a disclaimer. Obviously, all autistic people are different. Some autistic people may be totally ok with these comments. Personally, I wasn’t and it took me a while to unpick why. All of these have been said to me and I have rarely been able to challenge the person I…

How did I find out I am autistic?

When I started to look into the possibility of getting an autism diagnosis, I came across many accounts of AFAB (assigned female at birth) people who had been assessed for ASD later in life. I say AFAB here as it’s more inclusive; I myself identify as non-binary (as do many autistic people) and so being…


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